White Lightening

White Lightening will be painted in fun colours and all the children in the birthday party can have their picture taken with him. Our friendly staff will supervise this activity and the picture is a Polaroid which is created instantly and put in each child's party bag.


For parties with 10 - 20 children it is £18.75

For parties with under 10 children it is £14.75


Please note you must book this extra at the time of the original booking. We cannot provide this service on the day.

We take the welfare and well being of our animals incredibly seriously and we have completed thorough testing with White Lightening. Please see below our disclaimer for White Lightening:

1)    These paints have been thoroughly tested on White Lightening

2)    They are chalked based paints that wash and brush out easily.

3)    At no pointed would we put our animals at any risk or discomfort. Their welfare and happiness is a priority for us.  

4)    Our staff who lead this activity know our ponies incredibly well and will ensure that the pony is happy at all times (as well as the children).

5)    Children must follow the instructions of the staff during this activity.