Risk Assessment

As part of our education packages, please find our education risk assessment.

Hazard Associated Risk People at Risk Hazard Zone Pony Centre Responsibility School's Responsibility
Car Park Collison, serious injury, death  All people Low risk 5 mph speed limit, coach dropping students off at the front entrance. Supervision of Students
Animals Injury from unsupervised contact- biting, allegeric reaction, serious injury All people Low risk   Safety & warning signs, no feeding of any animals, physical entry barriers. Supervision of Students
Animal touching and handling  E.coli from faeces All people  Low risk   Safety signs, hand washing facilities.  Supervision of Students
Indoor Playareas  Risk of falling, equipment failure All people  Low risk   Safety signs, regular equipment checks, age restrictions.  Supervision of Students
Outdoor Playareas Risk of falling, equipment failure  All people  Low risk   Safety signs, regular equipment checks, age restrictions.   Supervision of Students
Trampolines Serious injury, risk of falling  All people  Low risk    Safety signs, regular equipment checks, age restrictions, maximum number of children, physical barriers Supervision of Students
Pony Rides Serious injury  All people Low risk   Age restrictions, staff supervision, riding licence inspection certificate.  Supervision of Students
Uneven surfaces, wet leaves and mud Trips, falls, grazes, sprains  All people  Low risk   Regular maintenance of the pathways.  Supervision of Students
Tractor Serious injury  All people  Low risk   Trained staff operating the tractor and safety measures put in place.  Supervision of Students
          Supervision of Students