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Horses & ponies

We have a large family of miniature ponies with lots of different colours, sizes and characters. Which one will be your favourite?

All of our ponies are incredibly cute and love to be stroked. Our ponies live as a herd all year round, and enjoy eating lots of grass. We offer you and your family the chance to get close to them in our front paddock and to see them in our indoor barn. The miniature ponies have lots of friends at the Centre, including Muffin the Mule and our two Heavy Horses Buster & Harris.

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Keensacre & Bottriell Studs

Here at the Centre we also have two working studs. The Keensacre & Bottriell studs both produce our foals and we have our own stallions and jacks in the top fields. For more information on the working studs including a sales list, please click here

Pony Care days

If your children love ponies and would like to spend more time with them, then why not look at our Pony Care Days (suitable for children aged 7-12). For more information on what you could do on these days, please click here.

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